Walking tours

Walking tour No. 1

The Dam

From the holiday house it`s only a ca 250 m- walk to Dam Street. Turn right there and after another 160 m you`ll pass the Bird Fountain. Soon you will arrive at the west side of the dam.
It`s always worth taking a walk to the dam, however in the evenings it`s most beautiful there, as the dam is spotted by lights then.

Walking tour No. 2

A Walk to the Platform at the Eastside of the Dam and to Waldeck Castle ( Schloss Waldeck.)

Walk along the eastern shore of the lake till you`ll reach Terrace Hotel. After turning right you`ll get onto a path which leads up the hill. It`s rather steep, however on top of the hill you will enjoy a terrific view of the lake.
All in all the walk will take you about 45 min.
Bildergebnis für urwaldsteig ederseeNext spot will be Waldeck Castle. Follow the sign “Jungle Path” Bildergebnis für urwaldsteig edersee (Urwaldsteig Edersee) via the Pulpit (Kanzel), please turn left and soon you will be at the castle. While resting there you can take photos, e.g. If you like, go down to the lake by mountain railway  (Waldecker Bergbahn) enjoying again the wonderful view of the whole valley.

From this side of the lake you can go by ferry (Ederseefähre) to get to know the lake better or simply to return back home to the west side of the dam.

While walking to the ferry jetty you will get along cafes, ship jetties and the adventure playing ground, which will delight the hearts of your children- which we are very sure of!

The hiking track is 6 km long. The tour will take you about 4 hours, considering the fact that you are with little children.

Walking tour No. 3

Falconry and Wildlife Park

(Greifenwarte Wildpark Edersee)

From your starting point it`s about1.5 km, so it will take you about half an hour to walk there. Going by car will take about 10 min (it`s 3.5 km).
If you walk, you will pass the Bird Fountain (which you already know) again. Then walk along Hammerberg Street with the cemetery on the right. Soon you will arrive at the parking lot of the Wildlife Park.


Walking tour No. 4

Peterskopf/  Storage Tank/  National Park

Go down Tal Street, next turn right into Eder Street to the village centre. You will pass the supermarket and the butcher, Turn left and

Bildergebnis für hochspeicherbecken edersee

right again into Kraftwerk Street. Walk along it to the end and then follow the signage Cable Car (Standseilbahn). It rides every full hour from 11.00 am. Ridings back to the valley always start 5.15 pm. you can take your bikes with you, if you like.

On top you can visit the storage tank (Hochspeicherbecken) and after it have a cup of coffee or at Waldbölker Restaurant.

Now it depends on the stage of your condition, if you either will walk or ride on your bike back to the valley or if you will prefer to go by cable car!




Walking tour No. 5

Bildergebnis für Rehbach


Tree Top Path/ Climbing Park/ Eddie`s Family Walking Path/ Rehbach

Baumkronenpfad/Kletterpark/Eddis-Familienwanderweg, Rehbach

From the entry to the Wildlife Park Eder Lake follow the signage of the Family Walking Path to the Climbing Park and The Tree Top Path, which are some more hotspots you shouldn`t miss visiting!

From there you will get to Eder Lake (Walk left!). In Rehbach there is a beach. So cool down by having a bath after a long day full of adventurous activities!

There is also a little promenade with a boat hire, an outdoor and a ship shop and restaurants. So finish off the day with a fine meal or a cool glass of wine there!

, Bootsverleih, Segelschule, Outdoor und Bootsausrüster (Ship-Shop)